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Mega update in process,but meanwhile been meaning to share these statistics with you. The following are the most popular search terms that have brought people to this site. For some reason it’s missing my favourite from last Summer, “dog eating poop.” Imagine being concerned about your dog’s dirty habits and finding us instead. And if that was you, why didn’t you leave a note? “Dropped by and didn’t find anything to explain my dog but am sure glad to have found you guys instead.” Or something.

And I can’t believe someone actually googled “mountains and shit.”

Who are you people anyway? We would love to hear from you!

ps. And for those who are interested, we’re in Portland (Oregon), lots of riveting news to report between the last post and now, but are very much immersed in oregon beers and bonfires, very long bicycle commutes, and most of all, the history of east berlin for a video commissioned for completion at the end of the month!!! More on everything in the next post, coming very soon, promise.

central park 24
flint ridge oklahoma 16
michelle menzies chicago 13
jeff koons 9
jacob perkins and the nobody 7
rooftop wild flowers 4
seth frightening 3
wellington harbor 3
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new york city wallpaper 3
parc jurasic 3
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tired feet after a long day 2
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jacob perkins and the nobody + interview 1

through the looking glass

We’re back in action after a short but sweet sweet break on Lake Geneva. Only two more weeks left at PAF, and in France, and the whole European continent. So it’s ALL GO now!

another sneaky sneak still shot

another sneaky sneak still shot

Meanwhile, news to report:

Most importantly and just in case you missed it, Michael Jackson is dead. The world is a different place. The news was transmitted to this isolated corner of the universe very late one night just minutes after we sung Happy Birthday to Jake in three different languages, simultaneously. The next day an MJ marathon sorted those who thought they didn’t give a shit about the news (but then realised it was kinda a big deal) from those who’ve known since they were knee high to a grass hopper that this inevitable news would rock their world. That night, plans for what started out as a book release party for The Swedish Dance History turned into a birthday party/MJ dance tribute/power to the Iranian people/JP&TN concert. It was a current events event to be proud of.


We realised how much in lalaland we’ve been as soon as we arrived in Paris. That night, with a newfound wisdom from wine and cheese partying, we decided that paying for metro tickets simply wasn’t necessary ALL the time. So we jumped the barriers, squeezed through the second jumper-prevention barriers, hopped on the train and woke up to find that we had reached the end of the line on the wrong train, on the wrong last train of the night. C’est PAS BON! Anyway it was quite an adventure/initiation rite back into the big smoke. The big hot sweaty stinky but nevertheless alluring smoke.


And then arrived in Montreux (Suisse) and realised how much we absolutely definitely have to live nearby water. Just seeing the lake was like waking up after a very long dreamy sleep. MON DIEU! Don’t even get me started. Swimming was bliss. You could just keep going and going all the way back across the lake to France.


To help our friend Valentina learn the drums we’ve formed a band that specialises in composing and recording per song, plus making a music video for it, all in a few hours. Here are the first two. Check them out, they’re beautiful. The first is shot in front of the incroyable tree that is blooming right outside our window. The second with some of the first films ever made (courtesy of Thomas Edison).

At the end of next week we head back to Paris for a few days before hopping a plane to San Fraaaancisco. Oh the painful thought of leaving PAF and this continent, and the joyful thought of seeing friends and family on the next continent. Such is life.

On Saturday July 25th, 5pm at Au Vaisseau (20eme arrondissement) JP&TN will be performing in the Paris section of Le Placard Headphone Festival, a three month long non-stop music festival where live performances are transmitted to audiences via headphones, “playing with concentration, intimacy,time warp, and teleportation.” So come get jiggy.

New album art has been coming together beautifully all the way from Morocco and Minnesota. Can’t wait to reveal it, but gotta.

2000 more photos of objects to take, 4500 objects to categorise according to taxonomies such as: promiscuous objects, colonised objects, objects that forget, objects that could kill, objects that produce by destroying…and more. New object to add to the list is the Crescent, Hana’s trusty bike now happily property of PAF. It will go under objects that don’t give up.

Yesterday we had a pre-bastille-“artistes”-meet-locals-day, starting with a musical, dance, choral performance and bellini cocktails and ending with us heading down to the local football field for an open air disco and fireworks, finally coming home for a little nightcap of tiramisu. It was mindboggling for us to be “out on the town” past dark, absolutely crucial to dance dance dance and a real treat for all. Vivre la vie!


recipe for stop motion

we recently set ourselves up a loose schedule in order to maximise our time while we are here. we’ve agreed to take on the job of photographing at least 6000 objects on the property before we leave, for a project in which people sponsor these objects (for others to use) and thereby show their support for PAF and contribute financially to the renovations of the building. these objects will be displayed on a website, catalogued according to taxonomical criteria and available for you to “adopt” soon! meanwhile, we’ve reached a particularly fun yet messy part of the video, article deadlines approacheth for hana, and we are going to switzerland in a couple of weeks for a short holiday with friends at lewis carrol’s former home (where we also plan to do some filming).

a miniscule fraction of photos from our first day on the job. would make beautiful wallpaper:


so in order to fill our quota and do all we need to do while we’re here, we’ve agreed to let an alarm clock into our lives and to follow this (flexible) routine.

8am wake up + stretch
9am breakfast
10am take at least 200 photos of objects
12pm lunch
1pm shoot
4pm (hana go write)
6pm dinner

despite this, every day is very different of course. so we decided that we’d start a daily report.

a sneaky still preview

a sneaky still preview


  • have photographed up to 2100 objects for PAF sponsorship project, a third of our goal.
  • snail actor appeared shocked to find itself in a caserole dish of moss. found on the underside of glassy edge, it appeared to have excreted either an intestine or penis organ and somehow “wrapped it around its shell and gone to sleep.” upon further speculation, it’s also possible that this was some sort of egg sack surrendered when the snail thought it had reached the edge of the world.
  • after thinking we had released all wildlife back to respective homes, a slug is spotted in the now slimy camera case
  • men from the honey museum in nearby town came to install 10 bee hives!
  • new bowl of cherries picked. many more to follow.
  • at least 2 hours were spent fixing a tripod that was left here by someone who was glad not to have the damn thing.
  • busted the male peacock sneaking outside of the gates. adrenalin from this small act of rebellion gave him the energy to come back and chase the peahens, very unsubtle indeed. took some eye witness images of the incident. put them to music. (turns out they do this every day)


Notes to Self:

+ The peacocks actually live very structured lives. The male makes a daily escape every afternoon, and at around 7pm they are always particularly lively.

+ The one rule here is”the doer decides.” Whoomp there it is. And if that’s the only ‘rule’ here, then the only guiding principle is “to make it possible for others.” There you have it, an ideal world that works.

+ L’Insurrection Qui Vient is an anonymous book (written by Comite Invisible and published by La Fabrique) that has become a bestseller in France as well as a real rabble rouser. Here is an excerpt from one of many interesting paragraphs:

“Who still grows up where they were born? Who lives where they grew up? Who works where they live? Who lives where their ancestors did? And to whom do the children of this era belong, to television or their parents? The truth is that we have been completely torn from any belonging, we are no longer from anywhere, and the result, in addition to a new disposition to tourism, is an undeniable suffering…The Frenchman, more than anyone else, is the embodiment of the dispossessed, the destitute. His hatred of foreigners is based on his hatred of himself as a foreigner. The mixture of jealousy and fear he feels toward the “cités expresses nothing but his resentment for all he has lost. He can’t help envying these so-called “problem” neighborhoods where there still persists a bit of communal life, a few links between beings, some solidarities not controlled by the state, an informal economy, an organization that is not yet detached from those who organize. We have arrived at a point of privation where the only way to feel French is to curse the immigrants and those who are more visibly foreign. In this country, the immigrants assume a curious position of sovereignty: if they weren’t here, the French might stop existing.”

You can read the full English translation here.

+ And last but not least, slugs can enlighten us on the act of love making.

free wheeling europe

So we made it! the spirit of Champ touring the New World guided us on a very charmed bike trip from Denmark to France, where we are now, getting straight to work on a hot new stop motion music video (!!!) for a hot new song on a hot new album. The video will be shot on location in the building below, the Performing Arts Forum, where we will be living and working for 2 months, so let your imaginations run wild!

AIR photo 2 PAF_4.preview

The building used to be a convent school (perhaps once occupied by the Germans and then an apocolyptic cult) and is now an artist residence/workspace with 2 wings, 4 floors, more than 50 rooms, at least 4 pianos (1 grand), a chapel, peacocks and at the moment, 20 or so artists, mostly from the performing arts. It is in a tiny village that no French person I’ve ever met has ever heard of (unless they live here of course). It’s perfect. Parfait, formidable, incroyable.


our first day. we were so relieved.

it's hard to catch moments like these

it's hard to catch moments like these

not to mention moments like these

not to mention moments like these

There are an endless amount of magical corners. Our world for now pretty much exists within the building, and time of day only because the bell strikes a certain number of times. Otherwise we barely know what day of the week it is. It’s completely immersive and defined by the people who are here at the time, who are here to work an all kinds of artistic endeavours, and who can schedule anything in the building, from yoga classes to performance showings to feedback sessions. Last night we had ourselves a wild impromptu dance party in the kitchen, in which every utensil was used to its fullest prop potential. When you have a group of dancers on the verge of burn out after days of rehearsing on various performances and just days before showing these at an international festival, there’s a lot of energy floating around, and the no-boundaries-group dynamic is magnetic. We will definitely miss these guys when they leave. Bless their souls. But to just think of all the other people who we will see come and go while we are here! Living in our mint green room by the chapel and dragging our crazy portable filming rig to and fro everywhere between the basement and the attic(s).


Since we didn’t get funding for the project as we hoped (and really really needed!) we’re seeking all avenues for patronship and recently got the idea to set up a handy dandy virtual donation box to go towards our residency fees and filming expenditures. But unless you’re Oprah, Bill Gates or listed in Wikipedia’s ‘List of Billionaires (2009)’, then know that we have no expectations from you! Money is not a measure of love. But for anyone feeling the extra weight of extra pennies in their pockets, or are at this moment considering spending big bucks on something you know will only make you feel beautiful for a day and then regret later, or if you actually wished that some of your tax dollars went to support the next Jacob Perkins & The Nobody stop motion animated video (due to be released with the new album, ‘Acts For the Frozen Sea’), then THANK YOU for choosing us. We can’t promise a trickle down effect, or better education, healthcare and justice for all. but we can promise it will be spent wisely, directly and with much gratitude.

by clicking on this button!

Otherwise, you could of course buy a CD! 11 bucks very well spent. That we can guarantee you.



Meanwhile, a bit of a wrap up.

The show in Auckland with Teacups, Street Beat, The Ribbon and Surf City just before we left was a whopbanger! “5 bodacious bands, 1 bodacious night. shaa-wing!” thanks everybody!

apparently the film was stretched

apparently the film was stretched

really stretched

really stretched

and the photographer didnt know which way was up

and the photographer didn't know which way was up

and then she dropped the camera

and then she dropped the camera

The bike trip was epic. A 70km day of going against unforgiving headwind will really take it out of you. But then you spot a herd (?) of baby goats (kids?) frolicking in spring time wildflowers and for a moment or two the double time and double work is all worthwhile. Not to mention the 86% cocoa solid ‘brut’ Belgian chocolate that sits conveniently in your basket. Or you roll up somewhere you’ve never been in your life to the familiar face of a good friend, and you forget that you just biked your sore ass to get there and so just let the games begin! Oh it’s so worth it.

touring the new world without gas guzzling

touring the new world without gas guzzling

We started in Copenhagen, where our dear and trusty friends helped us score our dear and trusty steeds for the job, henceforth referred to as The Crescent (Hana’s cadillac with 3 gears and backpedals which we kept trying to get her to trade in) and The Flemming (Jake’s slick racer which was custom made for some pro biker nobody’s heard of). We spent a few days pimping them out (sort of – The Flemming got a back rack, and The Crescent’s basket got relocated to the right rear). Then pushed on south till the end of Denmark, hopping the train through the German corner to get to our friends in the Netherlands in time, along the Dutch coast, into Belgium, swerving between the sea and inland to get to France, which is now home to us for at least the next 2 months.

I could go into a detailed description of our trip but as they say, pictures are worth a thousand million bazillion words. And we have about a trillion pictures, not to mention the ones yet to be developed on the half-frame-double-for-your-money rolls of film. So if you want to see more and stay updated visually, you can also go here. There you will see celebratory occasions hither and thither with friends between London, Helsinki, Paris, Copenhagen, Arnhem, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, and all the magic of the countryside in between!

A million thank yous to everybody for being there (here and there). As usual, we just couldn’t do it without you.

pep shadow

pep shadow

there were lots of dreamy placese

there were lots of dreamy places

biker stylez

biker stylez

and sometimes we slept in places that looked like this

and sometimes we slept in places that looked like this

free 4 ever ok

free 4 ever ok

land of the long white cloud

hey dudes and dudettes,

in case you didn’t know, we’re back in New Zealand and very happy to be here. Please excuse the long pause, we’ve been revelling in the pacific ocean, old friends and creamed clover honey for the past few weeks. It’s been lovely. Forgot how bright the light in NZ is, like being in a commercial for coloursafe detergent where colours just pop and crackle. Moved  life down to Wellington last week on the train from Auckland and are now living in the most beautiful home that feels like a ship nestled high in the side of a hill and overlooks the bay/heart of town. It’s perrrrrfect. With a honky tonk piano and a friendly ghost that plays records.


Fell in love with this city as soon as we stepped into a house on Wilson st. in Newtown last weekend and the kitchen was crowded with people (including real-life Mexican mystics in ponchos) singing “Down to the River to Pray” acapella style (you know, the gospel song made popular-ish by O Bro Where Art Thou). The night quickly evolved into a dance/jam session akin to my wildest fantasies of parties that Herbie Hancock would stage in his own living room. Complete with a fender rhodes keyboard. It restored my faith in jam sessions I tell you. Can’t get much better than a room full of people GETTING DOWN to themselves and eachother. huh. To top it off we met some friends-for-lifers and destiny scored yet another point.

Jake played his first show in town at Happy, a little venue with a lotta love and with a very talented line up of local musicians: Seth Frightening, Ashes of August, Peneloping. For all you spirograph afficionadoes, check out the poster.

And just in time for a bit of promo, the Kitchen Sink (Wellington’ friendliest gig guide) published an interview:


“We wrote a song called “Gravy Train” which was absolutely terrible, and after bombing the end of year dance party with some prepubescent Jimi Hendrix covers and not getting any girls, we decided that we’d never be as good as Silverchair and the band broke up.”

James Beavis interviews Jacob Perkins:
Fool for internet scams.
Space age gypsy.


Meanwhile, plans are underway for a new stop motion short, which we’ll be working on from June to July in France at the Performing Arts Forum (PAF), an ex-convent just northeast of Paris in a very tiny village. It’ll be nice to crack down and crank out a visual extravaganza that explores and celebrates the idea of Home.

Speaking of visual extravaganza, here are some treats from New Zealand










a happy new yeeeeharrrr!

Here’s to one wonderful year after another!

We just returned from what I’m calling The Blitz Recap Tour, from Los Angeles to Bangkok to Angkor Wat. It was more like a recap of two different tours, the Champ tour and a bicycle tour around S.E.Asia that we did at the last turn of the years, but it made me realise that with all this Onward Ho! we’ve barely had a chance to pause and consider the outrageous feats that we pulled off this last year.

Like…scoring second-hand bikes in Bangkok and getting them tweaked to be roadworthy enough by all sorts of eccentric “mechanics” down alleyways on streets that I’m not sure I’d know how to find again, then bungee cording on our waterproof stuff sack thingies and a miniature guitar and heading north one busy friday night, not even stopping to verify the baby elephant on the sidewalk, going going going until we realise we just totally traversed Laos and are now crrrrruuuuuuising down a mountain just across the VietNam border when we take our eyes off the road to look at each other as if to say “WHOAH,” only just catching in our peripheral visions the massive black snake that we almost collided with had it not basically levitated itself into the bushes just in the nick of time. By the time we got to Siem Reap (yes home of what was once THE seat of the siam kingdom, with outrageous palace temples to prove it aka Angkor Wat) in Cambodia, I was on the look out for the next lucky recipient of my fluorescent pink-handled bike. I knew Ong was exactly who I was looking for as soon as we met him and when he basically completely ignored us other than a polite smile. No games, no motives, just a young boy orphaned by Pol Pot and in need of a steed. “This bike flew to Thailand from Tunisia, and then I rode it to Cambodia the long way around, via Laos and VietNam, especially to bring it to you, here’s the lock and the secret code.” I didn’t see Ong or the bike this time around, a year later, so I’m hoping it’s taking him places too.

As for Champ, we received word from Scott in Eugene while we were in L.A. Check it out, in hybernation. I like to imagine a family of bears asleep in there.


So while we were in L.A. a few weeks ago, and staying at my brother’s apartment, the gas station across the road was selling gas for $1.85/gallon. The VERY same gas station where we had filled our tank for $4.85/gallon just months before, on the morning where we hightailed it to make a show in Salt Lake City. And so it hit us, we could go THRICE the distance now on the same amount of cash we spent to get around the country just once this summer. THRICE! we could have gone to mexico, zig zagged through the interior, at least made it to the far northern corners like we wanted to.

But retrospect is sweeter than regret. Being back in L.A., and channelling what it felt like to be there last time with the additional layer of knowing now what the GREAT unknown we faced then was, is, whatever, the pavement itself took on a sparkly magical presence, and it felt really quite amazing to be a part of this life. With love and gratitude.

Now speaking of paths crossing, New Zealand latitudes here we come! And speaking of music, Jake is heading to Rooftop Sound this week to record three new songs. Still can’t unveil the secret animation projects, be patient and we’ll all be rewarded.

oh and

ps. for the motherlode of tour photos go here

pps. and now “The Birds & The Beasties” is available on iTunes! go check it out, download your favourite song, write a review, cmon cmon

ppps. some animation experiments, sketches and outtakes, “Vignettes”